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Campaign Description:

The final episode of this campaign was recorded live at ConBravo!
On July 29th 2017, Hamilton, Ontario, in room 314 to a packed hall of Terrible Warriors and Listeners.

In the Apocalypse World there is a rumour of a place, or an item, or a source where all this began. The story changes person to person but the name is always the same. THE HAMMER. Somewhere out there is a place where all the water is clean and you're always safe, The Hammer. Or it's a weapon of untold power and potential. Or it's a vault that holds the source of the whatever it is that ended our world and left behind a maelstrom of psychic fuckery.

MC: Justin Ecock & Derek Burrow

Players: Steve Saylor, Cassie Chui, Tom White, Conal MacBeth, Bre Posionne, Shane Fitzgeral, Will Mitchell, and Wes Gunn, 

Location: Toronto & Edmonton & ConBravo!