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We're on vacation! While we take a short break to play more games and balance our dice we wanted to revisit some of our favourite campaigns from the past.


Hello there! Welcome to the world of POKEMON! My name is THE REAL PROFESSOR OAK! This world is inhabited by creatures called POKEMON! For some people, POKEMON are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself... I lead a resistance movement against TEAM ROCKET. Their Leader GIOVANNI has already killed the ELITE FOUR and is making his push to take over every town in the region. Many have died, many more have fallen to the clutches of evil and live enslaved. Two months ago I did the only thing that the foremost knowledge in POKEMON knowledge could, I gathered several children to embark on a great adventure to retake the region and risk their lives. We struck a major blow against our enemies and have now made the POWER STATION our main stronghold. But is it enough for THE ROCKET RESISTANCE?