Fan Art by @jellyswirl

Fan Art by @jellyswirl

Campaign Description: In the Forgotten Realms, south of Neverwinter lies a town of Phandalin, our adventurers are tasked to deliver supplies to Gundren Rockseeker whom seemed really excited about something him and his Rockseeker Dwarven brothers have found.  No one knows what it is, all anyone knows is that "it's big".  To our Terrible Warriors it is supposed to be a simple cargo run.  But who are we kidding, we're not called Terrible Warriors for nothing!  Join as Justin, Julian, Cassie, Orie and Dee are led through the land of Dungeons and Dragons by our Dungeon Master Steve as we play for the first time Dungeons and Dragons: The Lost Mine of Phandelver!

Thank you to Wizards Of The Coast for supplying us with the D&D Starter Set.  You can play this adventure as part of the Starter Set for only $20 on their website by clicking HERE

DM: Steve Saylor

Players: Justin Ecock, Julian Spillane, Cassie Chui, Orie Falconer, Danielle Dufault

Location: Toronto