Ashes of the Empire (Part 2)


History would call this time the Iron Blockade.

The Emperor has been assassinated -- or has he? People in back alley watering holes are beginning to whisper that the Death Star really has been destroyed -- no, really, they've seen it! There's only one thing for certain; regardless of who's really dead out there in space, the civil war rages on.

In the Greater Javin Area, in the Anoat Sector, hangs a planet called Nethoin. Official communications for everyone but the Empire are blocked. The people are starting to get anxious, they've begun hoarding the essentials as store shelves quickly become barren. Gang activity and smugglers are becoming brazen with alarming swiftness, as businesses and private citizens alike begin to turn to grey areas of the law in order to get food, clean water, and life-saving medications that have all but disappeared.

Things are escalating quickly, and the Imperials, particularly Governor Adelhard, are getting visibly nervous. Extra Imperial forces are brought in to reinforce whatever dwindling supplies are left.

Which is where the Terrible Warriors come in...

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Terrible Warriors: Bre Poisonne, Julian Spillane, Ajay Fry, and Conal MacBeth

Album Art: Justin Ecock