North of the Blood Wall (1 of 4)


500 years have passed since the bloody war that gave the wall it's name. The blood may be gone but the name remains, separating two nations forever.  

North of the Blood Wall... 

A compassionate half-elf, a courageous barbarian, a halfling rogue, and a young and inexperienced wizard start out in a tavern, as such adventures always do, and quickly catch word that the king's convoy has been attacked by orcs. As farmers and locals step up to the king's defence word arrives that the five orc tribes are organizing for war...

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The "Blood Wall" campaign is written by Tom "He's an Evil Genius White" 

Dungeons & Dragons is published by Wizards of the Coast

Terrible Warriors: Tom "He's an Evil Genius" White, Cassie Chui, "Big Mike" Chindamo, Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug, and Mike "The Birdman" Dodd