Call of Cthulhu: Music Of The Night - Part 2

"What his fate would be, he did not know; but he felt that he was held for the coming of that frightful soul and messenger of infinity's Other Gods, the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep." H.P. Lovecraft "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath"

Fleeing to Harvard University our four investigators, and unwitting murderers, try to rest the night and plan their next move. But they will be plague by a dark message from a dark messenger. What is the truth behind the song that sent them mad? What secrets does Boston still have for them? It's the second chapter of "The Music in the Night" with Investigators Mike "The Birdman" Dodd, Brendan Frye, Bre Poisonne, Juliane Spillane and Keeper Justin Ecock.

Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Mike Dodd Julian Spillane Brendan Frye Bre Poisonne