Cubicle 7's Walt Ciechanowski Interview

Whats up Terrible warriors? Are you weary from your adventures? Well take a seat my friends and listen to warrior Birdman guide to some place a little more gentlemanly.

Cubicle 7's Victoriana line developer Walt Ciechanowski joins the show to talk about his career from the terrible D&D electronic board game of the 80's to the modern development of the Steampunk fantasy setting of Victoriana. Birdman and Walt also talk about game mastering and dealing with "that guy" who inevitably shows up in every gaming group. Pop on your top hat and take a trip to a monocles and sorcery rich environment with your tour guides from Cubicle 7 Walt and Birdman as the newly minted Victorian tourist.

Terrible Warriors:

Mike "Birdman" Dodd

Walt Ciechanowski