D&D: Lost Mine Of Phandelver - Episode 03

As our Terrible Warriors mow their way through the Cragmaw Castle in hopes to save their friend Gundren Rockseeker will they survive the evils of The Black Spider?  Is there truly a traitor in thier midst? Will they ever find the way into the Wave Echo Cave?  Also will the Half Elf Wizard finally take the throne as King of All Wizards against the Gah-bles?  Will we stop asking questions?  Listen to find out!

Thank you to Wizards Of The Coast for supplying us with the D&D Starter Set.  You can play this adventure as part of the Starter Set for only $20 on their website by clicking HERE

Terrible Warriors: Steve Saylor, Justin Ecock, Julian Spillane, Cassie Chui, Orie Falconer and Danielle Dufault