Mass Effect: Renegade Rising - Episode 1

The Collectors have been defeated and the galaxy is in a relative period of peace. The Reapers are still in dark space beyond the destroyed Batarian relay and do not yet encroach on Citadel space. Commander Shepard has been taken in Alliance Custody on Earth and is awaiting trial.

The Citadel has experienced a rash of high tech thefts and a series of terrorist attacks that maybe connected to human supremacist group, Cerebus. A pair of human biotics and an Asari C-Sec officer have been summoned to the Council chambers for a yet unknown purpose. Events are in motion that may change not just the face of galactic politics but change the galactic power balance itself but first they have to plumb the depths of the seediest wards on the Citadel and find out who is behind these attacks...

This is MASS EFFECT: Renegade rising

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Conal MacBeth, Tiffany Ann Compton