Mega Man X: Shadow Force - Episode 3

A group of Reploid Mavericks calling themselves the Shadow Force have demanded that all of North America be handed over to them.

The Maverick Hunters have returned from their mission in Mexico and immediately come face to face with X himself! However, he immediately notices Beatrice's sword and it is unmistakably Zero's sword. Whisked away to a prison cell, Beatrice and the rest of the crew are confused and baffled as to what's going on. How did Beatrice get that sword? Will she break out of prison to save North America from Shadow Force? Will our Terrible Maverick Hunters break the law and become traitors to do what's right? Listen to find out!

Terrible Warriors: Julian Spillane, Steve Saylor, Orie Falconer, Cassie Chui, and Justin Ecock