Monday Night WAR - Episode 04 - Attempted Murder


"This isn't even professional wrestling this... is attempted murder" - The Announcer

Monday Night WAR reaches is epic conclusion. The rivalry between Ruthless Rufus and Leopold the "One Man Revolution" is finally resolved but at a great cost. Barney's violent rise to prominence finally goes to far and Ken "The Nightmare" Norton put everything on the line for the promotion.

This is the grand finale and at the end only one will be crowned POW champion and when the dust settles one wrestler's career will come to a very real end. Alliances will be broken, friendships will be shattered, and each one will be tested to their extreme limit on MONDAY NIGHT WAR.

Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Mike Hruby, Nate Savelli, Mark Davis, and Nug Nahrgang

Special thanks to Dave "Rip Impact" Savelli
Album Art Design - Steve Saylor
Photo Credit - Mike Mastrandrea - Ring of Honor

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