Noirlandia: Smoke & Mirrors - The Epilogue

In Noirlandia nothing is certain. Few things are known. The city is corrupted by Pride. The City of Calypso, "The Sunrise City" lives in darkness under a sky where the sun went away. The glittering lights of the Core, the tragedy of the Shatter, the allure of the Shades, and the promise of the Maze form the districts of our city. In the centre of it all a murder...

Famed author Stephen Prince was found dead in the office of his editor. Four investigators raced against time to solve the murder before the city fell into chaos. They figured out the Who, What, and Why. But at what cost? Sometimes it's better if answers are never found...

Time to say goodbye to Noirlandia.

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Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Shane Baelish, Bre Poisonne, and Shane Fitzgerald