Paranoia (Part 3 of 4)


Congratulations citizen! You have been granted clearance by our Friend Computer to this Bonus Mandatory Voluntary Orientation Session! 

The mission is well underway and our Infrared citizens have found themselves in a sticky situation! It's a very good thing they brought their mops and that serves as another reminder that yet again our Friend the Computer always has your best interests in mind. 


There are no such things as pirates. Dissemination of any and all knowledge you may have about non-existent pirates is an act of treason. Please stand, a security team has been dispatched to your location.

A return to a classic, re-imagined for today's challenges, Paranoia from Mongoose Publishing

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Terrible Warriors: Josh Barbeau, Bre Poisonne, Natalie Wallace, Justin Ecock, and featuring Adam Bash!

Album Art: Justin Ecock

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