Pokemon: Rocket Resistance 2 - Episode 3 "Celadon Headquarters"

Hello there! Welcome to the world of POKEMON! My name is THE REAL PROFESSOR OAK!  This world is inhabited by creatures called POKEMON! For some people, POKEMON are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself... I lead a resistance movement against TEAM ROCKET.  Deep inside enemy territory our LEGENDARY TRAINERS are attempting to reach Celadon City with me, THE REAL PROFESSOR OAK, joining them in the field. Which is too bad because I seem to destroy everything I get involved in, like when I ordered my VENUSAUR to use earthquake in the the middle of a populated town. Ok kids, let's run for our lives and don't forget to fill out your POKEDEX!

Terrible Warriors:

Julian Spillane Justin Ecock Orie Falconer Cassie Chui Bre Poisonne Shane Phillips