Ravenloft: Road of Sorrow - Part 4


The mists of Ravenloft have parted for our Terrible Warriors on "The Road of sorrow".

Steig the Paladin, Little Thumper the barbarian, Calder the sorcerer and Shalchar the dashing rogue begin their grim task of bringing the body of a noble woman back to her grieving husband.
The night's unexpected visitors have taken our party by surprise and deepened the mystery of the lands of Barovia and what it's inhabitants are capable of.

The townsfolk are fearful of the new adventurers wandering their lands with this ghastly cargo aboard but still they press forward. The dark skies grow darker still and a bitter cold rain awaits them as they head towards Lake Zarovich on…THE ROAD OF SORROW

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Conal MacBeth, Steve Saylor, Scotty Bordas, and Justin Ecock