Sailor Moon: Thunderheart - Part 3

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The Sailor Scouts are battling the forces of the Negaverse and continue to be victorious at every turn.

A brief lull has allowed a relative period of peace for our heroes. A school trip is an opportunity for some much needed rest and reflection. The battles are done for now and the search for the missing Moon princess continues.

A new transfer student arrives in time to join our heroes in a mountain paradise. As they arrive in a place far away from civilization, love is in the air.

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl realizes more direct and outside forces are needed to deal with the Sailor Scouts and their allies....

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Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Bre Poisonne, Cassie Chui, Conal MacBeth, Erika Szabo, and Andrew Roebuck

Album Art: Justin Ecock