Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter Special Part 4 - The Showdown

"You are a Scion of my Blood, 
You will be loved,
You will be hated,
Through your deeds shall you be made Divine..."

With those words, our Terrible Warriors learn that they are scions. Born from gods. 

The auction has been stopped and the sorcerer put out of commission. But now our scions face their first true threat, one of their own. As another scion appears at the scene they will be tempted to turn on their own...

In partnership with Onyx Path we are proud to present an early playtest of Scion 2nd Edition. The kickstarter campaign for 2nd Edition is happening right now and concludes on the 22nd of October. To celebrate the end of the kickstarter campaign we present to you daily episodes this week. Every day a new chapter in our campaign, with a 5th episode debrief released publicly on Friday.

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Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Justin Ecock, Cassie Chui

Campaign Album Cover:
Steve Saylor