Spirit Of The Century - Target: London - Episode 3 "Race Across Europe"

The year is 1923 and humanity is roaring forward into the new century rounding out the end of a millennia. From there come people, born on the first day of the century they are charged to protect humanity and lead it towards the future. They are Centurions and they embody the Spirit of the Century.

Arriving in Venice and thwarting another group of adversaries the Centurions Conal Macbeth aka Dr. Holocaust, Cassie “Singing in the Rain” Chui, Derek the Bard and Tom heisanevilgenius White head for the lab of the missing scientist but instead only find more questions, more adversaries and a new stop on their destination: London. Believing the city is in peril they speed home hoping to avert catastrophe.

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Terrible Warriors:

Big Mike Derek Burrow Cassie Chui Conal Macbeth Tom White