Star Trek: Adventures - Living Campaign - Aaron M Pollyea Interview

Space, the thing we have to cross...
These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Horizon.
Its ongoing mission, to seek out new life, to swear it was on stun the whole time, and to boldly claim WE CAN FIX IT!

Before embarking on the next chapter in the ongoing Star Trek: Adventures "Living Campaign" from Modiphius, Justin and Velvet sat down with writer, game designer, and canonical MechWarrior, Aaron Pollyea to talk about the adventures he wrote!

Aaron Pollyea sits on the writing team for Star Trek: Adventures and as well as writing credits in other games. He wrote the Tug of War campaign that we just completed as well as the lovely descriptions of ships throughout the core book. Always striving to find that special balance between simulating and storytelling it was clear that Aaron is bringing a lifetime of passion into his work on Star Trek: Adventures.
You can track Aaron down on his facebook page at

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Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Velvet Duke, and Jim Johnson

"Star Trek: Adventures" published by Modiphius Entertainment

Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Josh Barbeau, and Jim Johnson

Album Art: Justin Ecock

"Star Trek: Adventures" published by Modiphius Entertainment