Star Trek: Adventures "Lifespan Creation" (Commander Haddock)

Space, the thing we have to cross!
These are the voyages of the USS…  Horizon.
Its ongoing mission,
to seek out new life
to swear it was on stun the whole time
and to boldly claim WE CAN FIX IT!

Starting next Sunday, and continuing every Sunday, we'll be releasing new episodes of our Star Trek: Adventure stories with the crew of the USS Horizon. But before we could set course to play along with the Living Campaign from Modiphius we needed to bring aboard a new character.

Enter Joshua Barbeau, our newest addition to thew crew of the horizon and his character Commander Haddock. Who is Commander Haddock? We ran through the game's "Lifespan Creation" to find out.

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Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock and Joshua Barbeau

Album Art: Justin Ecock

"Star Trek: Adventures" published by Modiphius Entertainment

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