Star Wars: Embers of the Jedi - Vol. 1 - Episode IV

Jedi knights approach the military outpost and prepare to mount a rescue and a daring escape from Klannu with the hiding padawans in their ship, the Freya. The clones have executed the mysterious Order 66, having turned the entire clone army against the Jedi, and are hunting them down across the galaxy.

Our heroes are on the run with no resources and help to call upon as the Republic they once knew collapses into the EMPIRE. A heavily defended anti-air cannon prevents starships from leaving the planet. Separatist traitor BRAY offers the Jedi and their clone commando a chance to get off world with their lives and perhaps something much more as the embrace of the dark side continues across the Republic...

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Justin Ecock, Tom White, and Tiff Compton