Talented Warriors: Too White For 30 - A Comedy Album By Steve Saylor

Hello!  It's Steve Saylor here and I have a special announcement for you.  As of today April 1st, 2014, I have released my debut Comedy Album called "Too White For 30"!


Yes that's right I have recorded and released a Live Comedy Album that I recorded on my 30th Birthday and I'm giving you a preview of the album which you can buy for $3.99 as of right now!

It's an album that was inspired by Kevin Smith when he did his "Too Fat For 40" Q&A on his 40th Birthday.  So I decided to do the same thing, but record a Comedy album where I tell some of my favourite funny stories on my 30th Birthday.

If you like to buy the album you can via iTunes for $3.99 HERE!

If you like you can listen to a preview of the album above or watch the trailer below:

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