A Terrible Christmas Special – Episode 03: Blood, Bones, and Heroin

The G.R.I.N.C.H. squad finally makes it to the vault in their quest for the Coal Bag. Will everything make sense in the end? Probably not, this is Fiasco and we're making this up as we go. It does end in Blood, Betrayal, and Good Old Saint Nick (we think?). So, Merry Christmas!

Join in on the final episode of our three-part Christmas special. Recorded live in a living room! Our Terrible Warriors reach the end of the road as The Heist Of The Season gets out of control.

Returning to Fiasco, we're using The Last Heist playset found in the "Run, Fools, Run" expansion. Check out Fiasco and all the playsets available at http://www.bullypulpitgames.com/

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Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Julian Spillane Orie Falconer Cassie Chui Trish Woodford

Special Appearances: Big Mike