Terrible Warrior Classics - Pokemon: Rocket Resistance

The Terrible Warriors are on vacation!
We'll return in September with all new campaigns to enjoy and share but for now we're going to go to the wayback machine and bring back some of our favourite campaigns we've ever done.

When Julian Spillane approached us three years ago with a home-brew fan-made Pokemon RPG that he had discovered... well, we couldn't resist....

"Greetings! I'm Professor Oak! Are you a boy or a girl?" Thus begins a brand new campaign involving the Terrible Warriors jumping into the world of Pokemon! Steve, Erika, Cassie, Orie and Shane are new Pokemon Trainers, tasked by Professor Oak to not only collect and catalog every single Pokemon, but they are recruited to end the cruel reign of terror at the hands of Team Rocket. Our Terrible Warriors must locate a secret facility believed to be genetically modifying Pokemon by Rocket. Will they succeed in saving Kanto? Listen to find out! Gotta Catch 'em all!

Terrible Warriors:

Julian Spillane, Steve Saylor, Erika Szabo, Cassie Chui, Orie Falconer, Shane Flynn, and Justin Ecock