Two Terrible Warriors on Geek and Sundry!

Hello all! We have some great news!  Two of our Terrible Warriors, Steve Saylor and Erika Szabo have been moved forward in the Vlogger Search over at Geek and Sundry!  They are looking for 10 vloggers to join their YouTube Channel and right now they are looking for Community Feedback to help them narrow the finalists down to 30.  Steve and Erika had to submit vlogs about what they were passionate about and wanted to talk about.  Steve is talking RPG's and Erika is vlogging about Retro Video Games!  So please help us spread the word and get our two Terrible Warriors on Geek and Sundry!  The way you can help is spread the word about their videos (posted below), vote for them, and also comment like crazy on each of the videos so we can show G&S that we are the most passionate Geeks out of Toronto!

Vote for SteveVote for Erika

Steve's Video:

My name is Steve Saylor, I am a Self Published Author, a Podcaster since 2006, a Digital Content Producer for a Toronto Radio Station and a Professor of New Media at Humber College in Toronto. My passion is RPG's. Of course being a part of my own podcast called These Warriors Are Terrible has helped that passion grow over the past year, but Steve wants to use his Teaching abilities to show how much fun Tabletop RPG's can be, even if you've never played them before. I have been a fan of Tabletop on Geek and Sundry from the very beginning and I would love to expand the Tabletop success into the RPG realm! So settle down as Professor Saylor teaches you about the amazing world of Roleplaying Games!  Vote for Steve

Erika's Video:

My name is Erika Szabo, I'm a Toronto-based gaming blogger and fellow These Warriors are Terrible adventurer. Ever since I got my Super Nintendo back in 1993, I've been obsessed with video games and video game culture. My Youtube channel is full of mainstream and retro gaming impressions, reviews, unboxings, and how-tos and I'd love to expand these passions into something bigger and better, hence the submission to Geek & Sundry!  Vote for Erika