Test Warriors - Codename: Blackjack - Episode 01

Since October 2012 we have been bringing you the best that these Terrible Warriors can provide. We've played a lot of adventures where hilarity ensues always at the chagrin of the GM. Well as we embark on our official 3rd year in showcasing the world of Role playing games. It's now time we make one of our own.

This week in a very special One Shot episode, we begin our journey in making our own Terrible Warriors Role Playing Game in a series of episodes we will call "Test Warriors". Throughout the next year we will be releasing Test Warriors episodes as we go about play testing our own RPG.

In our first Test Warriors episode, our GM Steve Saylor tests out a system he likes to call "Codename: Blackjack". Listen as our test subjects, Justin, Cassie, Julian and Orie play for the first time this brand new system set in a world we are all familiar with: The Old West.

If you would like to test out the same game yourself, we have uploaded the entire campaign played in this episode for you to try out with your friends. If you play it and want to provide feedback, email us at feedback@terriblewarriors.com with the subject line "Test Warriors" and we will incorporate those ideas into the game.

Click HERE to download the campaign in PDF format: http://bit.ly/TestWarriorsSep29

Terrible Warriors: Steve Saylor Justin Ecock Julian Spilaine Cassie Chui Orie Falconer