Campaign Description:

A request has arrived from the lands of Barovia for a group to help escort a precious cargo across the dangerous countryside. A grieving landowner has requested that the body of his wife be brought back to their lands on Lake Zarovich to be laid to rest. The reward for this escort is considerable because the road to Lake Zarovich has many dangers along it’s worn muddy roads.

Taking passage with a Vistani caravan, the trip has been relatively uneventful as our Terrible Warriors approach the borders of the lands of mists. The Vistani whisper a name “Count Strahd Von Zarovich”.

Awoken in the middle of the night to sounds of an unearthly sorrowful moan ,an older Vistani woman quietly chuckles to herself and whispers,

“We’re home...”

DM: Mike Dodd

Players: Conal MacBeth, Steve Saylor, Scotty Bordas, Justin Ecock

Location: Toronto