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"Greetings! I'm Professor Oak! Are you a boy or a girl?" Thus began a brand new campaign jumping into the world of Pokemon! Pokemon Trainers, tasked by Professor Oak to not only collect and catalog every single Pokemon, are recruited to end the cruel reign of terror at the hands of Team Rocket.

Two years later, their Leader Giovanni has already killed the Elite Four and is making his push to take over every town in the region. Many have died, many more have fallen to the clutches of evil and live enslaved.

Then, six years after our adventure began we return for one more absurd romp through the tall grass. 

We set out to be the very best like no one ever was and after shooting Gary in the kneecap, chasing Pidgeys with a knife, and asking very loudly what your preferred pronouns are we find ourselves in an unrecognizable Pokemon alternate universe. 

Players: Justin Ecock, Julian Spillane, Orie Falconer, Cassie Chui, Shane Baelish, Steve Saylor, Erika Szabo, Shane Flynn, and Bre Poisonne

Location:  Toronto

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