Fan Art by @jellyswirl

Fan Art by @jellyswirl

Campaign Description:

The Clone Wars are at an end after the defeat of droid GENERAL GRIEVOUS. In the aftermath, the Separatist army is scattered and in complete chaos.

Jedi master B'lal and a small group of Jedi knights travel to the Separatist held world of KLANAU to rescue a defector who has fleet information vital to the REPUBLIC's war efforts.

Republic warships begin their blockade and a pitched space battle ignites the skies above KLANAU. An uneasy shadow of evil hangs over the Jedi as their gunship descends into the besieged planet’s atmosphere below…

GM: Mike Dodd

Players: Derek Burrow, Justin Ecock, Tom White, Tiff Compton, and Shane Fitzgerald

Location: Skype