Campaign Description:  "And now a brief public service announcement. Alligators: can they kill your children? Yes."

Before we begin dear listener, remember everything you hear is real. Also everything we say is a lie. In a very special adventure, Our Terrible Warriors have become citizens of that quaint community known as Night Vale. Using our own custom module of the Monsterhearts RPG, Steve, Julian, Orie, Dee and Tom led by our Narrator Justin, we dare to learn who we really are and prepare our story as we look into the void. Welcome to Night Vale.

Welcome To Night Vale is used in this game under a creative commons license and the Welcome To Night Vale music is by Disparition available at

Logo: Rob Wilson,
Terrible Warriors Artwork modified by Steve Saylor

Welcome to Night Vale Podcast is Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info:, and follow on Twitter or

MC: Justin Ecock

Players: Steve Saylor, Julian Spillane, Orie Falconer, Danielle Dufault, Tom White

Location: Toronto


Chris Gostling and The Tempo - @chrisgostling

"Unearthly Child" by Analaog -

"Dirty Girl" by Chasing Jane -