The Blast Processors: Mindjammer - Episode 03

AD 2101: humanity is on a course for destruction, the wheels of which began turning over a century ago. The last Great Console War ended in the era of Mode 7, leading to unforeseeable cataclysmic events.

Mankind's last hope rides on the shoulders of 5 warriors trained in propaganda, guerrilla warfare, & catchy melodies.

Their mission: to travel back to the past to save the world with rock!

The Blast Processors join These Warriors Are Terrible to play Mindjammer, the space opera RPG.

Check out the band at and their new album on bandcamp at

You can't do this on Nintendo.

Terrible Warriors GM: Justin Ecock

The Blast Processors: Julian "Master System" Spillane Orie "Mega Drive" Falconer Nick "Game Gear" Springthorpe J.P. "Saturn" Stringham