After The Bomb: B is for Bomb - Part 2

It's the one where we finished the highway battle and began preparing for the assault on the power plant...

"In a world where every mutant has to fend for themselves sometimes you just need a really big truck with rockets launchers and machine guns. Grave Digger returns, with the crew of Plan B Solutions, in the second installment of B is for Bomb!

We pick up where we left off on a stretch of highway in the Plains of the Free Cattle chasing down a pack of dogs with their captives in tow. Will they rescue the wife of the CEO? Will they learn of another plot in the making? Will they return to town have a montage of loading up with even bigger guns so that they can head out on the next quest? Will there be explosions? Spoiler alert: yes.

Steve, Julian, Erika, Brad and Brendan return with game master Justin into the world of Palladium Games' 'After The Bomb'"

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Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Erika Szabo Julian Spillane Brad Pajuluoma Brendan Frye