After The Bomb: B is for Bomb - Part 3

Steve, Julian, Erika, Brad and Brendan are Plan B Solutions. Their weapon of choice? A giant truck loaded up with an unlimited supply of whoop ass. Dive back into the chaotic world of After The Bomb where we shoot first and ask questions never.

What is the Empire of Humanity cooking against the animal-kind? What is the purpose of the facility that is probably going to suffer some serious structural damage in the next hour? Will the Skunk ever get to use her stink attack against the enemies? Is the game master just making it all up as he goes along?

It's part 3 of the Terrible Warrior's run through Palladium Game's "After The Bomb".

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Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Erika Szabo Julian Spillane Brad Pajuluoma Brendan Frye