These Warriors Are Picnic: This Picnic Is Terrible

It's summer time! To end June and welcome in July we're taking a quick break from our usual 4-part series to go out to the park and have a picnic. Travel with us to the Toronto Islands and enjoy a game of Fiasco set in the world of Channel 6 Action News, a peculiar setting that seems similar to Anchorman but with the cut throat politics of Game of Thrones. Party boats, game of thrones references, and a sudden but inevitable betrayal await you in this 2-hour Canada Day/July 4/Summer Party of Your Choosing special.

Regular Terrible Warriors resumes next week.

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Orie, Julian, Steve, Cassie, Trish, and Justin are spending the day in the sun for These Warriors Are Picnic: This Picnic Is Terrible

Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Orie Falconer Julian Spillane Steve Saylor Trish Woodford Cassie Chui