Mass Effect: Renegade Rising - Episode 3

The Collectors have been defeated and the galaxy is in a relative period of peace. The Reapers are still in dark space beyond the destroyed Batarian relay and do not yet encroach on Citadel space. Commander Shepard has been taken in Alliance Custody on Earth and is awaiting trial.

The Citadel team and it's council Spectre find themselves heading into the Terminus systems and it's underworld haven known as Omega. The Bloodpack has taken a medical transport and is on the run back into the heart of thier stronghold with the stolen Salarian technology and preparing for the next stage of thier plan. Omega's streets are filled with danger and every back alley with opportunity or murder.

Remember, there is only one rule on Omega...

This is MASS EFFECT: Renegade Rising

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Conal MacBeth, Tiffany Ann Compton