Mass Effect: Renegade Rising - Episode 4

The Collectors have been defeated and the galaxy is in a relative period of peace. The Reapers are still in dark space beyond the destroyed Batarian relay and do not yet encroach on Citadel space. Commander Shepard has been taken in Alliance Custody on Earth and is awaiting trial.

A salarian hero long thought dead returns from the grave to settle an anicent debt and intends to pay blood for blood. Jondum Bau and his Citadel team lay in wait inside the suicidal ship bound for the Salarian colony of Nasurn. A biological weapon is being prepared to be deployed across the whole Citadel space and threatens the lives of every Salarian man, woman and child and it will strike silently and appearing as an accident to an unsuspecting civilization. Will our heroes be able to stop the genocidical plan before it come to fruitation or will this be the final chapter for them and billions of innocent lives?

This is MASS EFFECT: Renegade Rising

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Conal MacBeth, Tiffany Ann Compton