Mass Effect: Renegade Rising - Episode 5 Debrief

In our debrief of Mass Effect: Renegade rising, Birdman, Conal, Tiffany, Derek talk about thier experiences with the homebrew system of Mass Effect, good and bad. The crew also discusses the strengths of a universe such as Mass Effect and how easy it can be to slip into a world like this that is so fleshed out. Will our players return to the world of Mass Effect and will we create our own Mass Effect system better suited to our needs?

We'll bang okay?

This was MASS EFFECT: Renegade rising

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Conal MacBeth, Tiffany Ann Compton

Mass Effect: Renegade Rising - Episode 4

The Collectors have been defeated and the galaxy is in a relative period of peace. The Reapers are still in dark space beyond the destroyed Batarian relay and do not yet encroach on Citadel space. Commander Shepard has been taken in Alliance Custody on Earth and is awaiting trial.

A salarian hero long thought dead returns from the grave to settle an anicent debt and intends to pay blood for blood. Jondum Bau and his Citadel team lay in wait inside the suicidal ship bound for the Salarian colony of Nasurn. A biological weapon is being prepared to be deployed across the whole Citadel space and threatens the lives of every Salarian man, woman and child and it will strike silently and appearing as an accident to an unsuspecting civilization. Will our heroes be able to stop the genocidical plan before it come to fruitation or will this be the final chapter for them and billions of innocent lives?

This is MASS EFFECT: Renegade Rising

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Conal MacBeth, Tiffany Ann Compton

DC Adventures: Days of Future Crisis - Episode 3

See, as it happens, I've got a couple of front row tickets for the end of the universe. I thought it'd be best to use them now. I mean, you never know... There may not be a second performance
John Constantine

This is not the world that our heroes once knew and it all changed the day the solar flare happened and a mechanical army lead by Brainiac marched over humanity. Humans and metahumans have been hunted to near extinction but some fight back against the apocalpyse in hopes of changing the fate of a world most consider dead.

Project 12 has been revealed and how it all plays into the fate of the DC universe and our heroes are reeling. The fates of many have been revealed as they lay inside tubes for experimentation inside Lexcorp. A surprise villian from another time and place taunts Batman and his team as he reminds me them on how there are no strings on him and how he is not a weapon but evolution made shroud in metal..

Can they defeat these mechanical menaces bent on genocide before it's too late or will they fall before the world can be brought back from the brink?

These are the days of future crisis.

Artwork done by - Marvin000 -

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Justin Ecock, Steve Saylor, Julian Spillane, Tom White, Derek Burrow

It's Terrible Warriors LIVE...from the past.

This past Saturday, was a fun event for us here at Terrible Warriors.  Not only was it International Tabletop Day (we hope that at some point you were able to partake in a tabletop game or two). But, also it was the first time we streamed one of our podcast recordings live!  

We used Twitch (which you can follow us on Twitch HERE) and we really enjoyed it.  We've always wanted to try out live streaming for a long time; since the beginning of the podcast technically.  However, because we could never fully plan a scheduled date that was consistent, as well as the proper facilities to do so, we weren't able to.  That being said, thanks to the folks at C&G Magazine we now have a home base to record and stream.  

If you wanted to check out the full 5 hours and 18 minutes of our stream, you can check it out below.  Sadly we are having issues exporting it to YouTube, so we don't know how long this past broadcast will stay up, but hey maybe that's the charm of it all.  Plus as well the full adventure will be podcasted starting May 4th.  

Also stay tuned to our website, twitter and Facebook as we'll be letting you know when we'll be streaming again.  

Hope you enjoy it!

As always I remain obediently yours.  

- Steve

Starship Troopers: The Black Vault - Episode 4

"Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race their personal responsibility"

It is five years after the battle of Klendathu and the Federation’s mobile infantry still fights the Arachnid empire across multiple fronts for supremacy and survival of the species. The mobile infantry reconnaissance unit now known as “Nemo’s Outlanders” finds themselves trapped inside the "Black vault" and there is one possible chance to escape the prison planet.

Our troopers, Privates Joker, Chaos, Corporal Gerbil, Specialist Deadshot and newly promoted Lieutenant Nemo are hatching a plan that involves possibly stealing the prison "bus" and working with the very criminals they came here to bring to justice. The "Black Vault" still has many secrets within it's depths and some of those secrets will change the face of the war forever...

Get ready for a surprise!

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the voice of FedNet Billy Smith aka Dr Gonzo from Nerd to the Third power podcast

Terrible Warriors: Michael Dodd Steve Saylor Conal MacBeth Tom White Brendan Frye Derek Burrow