Paranoia XP Service Pack 2 - Episode 2: Following America

Our Troubleshooters have a mission, sort of, and a team leader, sort of. Cassie, Jory, Orie, and Tom try to make sense of the always infallible Computer and it's orders and they chase their leader, America, a giant green headless armless animated mannequin down the hallways towards their eventual demise... er, goal.

It's the second episode of Paranoia XP SP2, the one where Cassie breaks. That was quick. Is that a new record?   

Terrible Warriors: Orie Falconer, Cassie Chui, Tom White, Jory Graham and Justin Ecock

Paranoia XP Service Pack 2 - Episode 1: The Briefing

Return to Alpha Complex as a new team of troubleshooters try to navigate the insanity and conflicting orders of the Computer. Recorded live before a Twitch TV audience and using the Paranoia Mission Blender our game master Justin tries to stay just a half step ahead of our players Cassie, Tom, Orie, and Jory. Pack your bags and brush your teeth and remember that happiness is always mandatory.  

Terrible Warriors: Orie Falconer, Cassie Chui, Tom White, Jory Graham and Justin Ecock

It's Terrible Warriors LIVE...from the past.

This past Saturday, was a fun event for us here at Terrible Warriors.  Not only was it International Tabletop Day (we hope that at some point you were able to partake in a tabletop game or two). But, also it was the first time we streamed one of our podcast recordings live!  

We used Twitch (which you can follow us on Twitch HERE) and we really enjoyed it.  We've always wanted to try out live streaming for a long time; since the beginning of the podcast technically.  However, because we could never fully plan a scheduled date that was consistent, as well as the proper facilities to do so, we weren't able to.  That being said, thanks to the folks at C&G Magazine we now have a home base to record and stream.  

If you wanted to check out the full 5 hours and 18 minutes of our stream, you can check it out below.  Sadly we are having issues exporting it to YouTube, so we don't know how long this past broadcast will stay up, but hey maybe that's the charm of it all.  Plus as well the full adventure will be podcasted starting May 4th.  

Also stay tuned to our website, twitter and Facebook as we'll be letting you know when we'll be streaming again.  

Hope you enjoy it!

As always I remain obediently yours.  

- Steve