Monday Night WAR - Episode 02 - Conflict Resolution

"I have more titles under my belt than years you've been alive" - Ken "The Nightmare" Norton

Monday Night WAR returns with it's first full "episode". The characters are set, the pieces are placed, and the rivalry between former tag-team partners, Ruthless Rufus and The One Man Revolution, threatens to spill over into the real world. It's up to the Veteran to hold the business together and make sure everyone delivers.

Each week a new episode and at the end only one will be crowned POW champion. Alliances will be broken, friendships will be tested, and each one will be pushed to their limits on MONDAY NIGHT WAR.

Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Mike Hruby, Nate Savelli, Mark Davis, and Nug Nahrgang

Special thanks to Dave "Rip Impact" Savelli
Album Art Design - Steve Saylor
Photo Credit - Mike Mastrandrea - Ring of Honor

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