Star Wars: Embers of the Jedi - Vol. 2: Cry of Fate - Episode IV


A catastrophic explosion in the underground mines has forced a door to seal and the Jedi knights now face a torrent of water which threatens to drown them and extinguish the hopes of a galaxy.

The Jedi Knights face one of their greatest tests yet as waters and tensions rise in their desperate situation with each passing moment.

Chaos has enveloped the pirate facility as the Jedi have made moves to seize the pirate capital ship and escape off world. A discovery in the mines and aboard the pirate ship has turned a dire situation into something which will force the Jedi to confront the Dark Side.

Time is running out and a difficult choice looms on the horizon for the lost Jedi knights...

Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Derek Burrow, Tom White, and Tiff Compton