Monday Night WAR - Episode 03 - The Mystery Partner


"I don't fight with re-tweets, I fight with my fists, bub" - Ruthless Rufus

Monday Night WAR returns and the rivalry between Ruthless Rufus and Leopold the "One Man Revolution" takes centre stage as it threatens to tear the promotion apart. The Veteran, Ken Norton, finds himself torn between his protege and his professional career and The Hardcore, Barney, works his way into the rivalry the only way he knows. By busting something heavy over someone else's head. Oh Barney, don't ever change.

Each week a new episode and at the end only one will be crowned POW champion. Unlikely alliances will be forged, old friends will become bitter enemies, and each one will be pushed to their limits on MONDAY NIGHT WAR.

Terrible Warriors: Justin Ecock, Mike Hruby, Nate Savelli, Mark Davis, and Nug Nahrgang

Special thanks to Dave "Rip Impact" Savelli
Album Art Design - Steve Saylor
Photo Credit - Mike Mastrandrea - Ring of Honor

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