Neon Genesis Evangelion: Paradise Lost - Episode 4

It is the year 2015 and the world is in peril as creatures known as "Angels" attack mankind in an attempt to be part of God's judgement against man.  The legendary beasts of Revelations, Leviathan and Behemoth have made themselves known to man but for what purpose? The US EVA pilots have been ordered to take down the beasts and capture their cores for transport back to Nevada and Area 51. Secrets are revealed, alliances challenged and a battle for the souls of all mankind begins.

It all ends where it began and comes to down to a single question

"Will it hurt?"

What causes Erika, Conal and Birdman to almost break into actual tears during the final moments of the game?

Prepare for LCL injection, this is NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: Paradise Lost

Terrible Warriors:

Mike Dodd Julian Spillane Conal MacBeth Erika Szabo Scott Bordas Brendan Frye