Neon Genesis Evangelion: Paradise Lost - Episode 5 Debrief

Our adventure in the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion has concluded and what has happened to our terrible warriors. In this debrief we talk about the good and bad experiences we had telling you this anime inspired tale. Brendan,Scotty,Julian and Erika give feedback to Mike as thier DM and also share some of their moments from the game that stuck with them.

The untold side story of US NERV and EVA-04's activation has finally been told through Birdman's eyes but how long has this story been brewing in his mind?Did our players enjoy using GURPS 4th edition for the actual game mechanics or not?

Prepare for LCL injection, this is NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: Paradise Lost

Terrible Warriors:

Mike Dodd Julian Spillane Conal MacBeth Erika Szabo Scott Bordas Brendan Frye