Spotlight: Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter!

Hey, Terrible Listeners, Derek the Bard here.

I’m stepping away from the mic to tell you about something really cool on the horizon.

As our listeners are aware, last year the Edmonton crew ran a game of Pugmire, an RPG set in a far future fantasy world where uplifted animals rule the Earth. Pugmire was all about dogs, and our Terrible Warriors stepped into the paws of Sgt. Kiba Husky, Father Max Basset, Robin Boston-Terrier, and Pipin Colly. They had some great adventures in the kingdom of Pugmire, and came snout to snoot with a number of cats along the way.

It’s no secret that we love cats here at Terrible Warriors. Heck, many of our own kitties made cameo appearances in our Pugmire game! You may have found yourself wondering: Where can I find more information on cats in Pugmire? Hell, you may have asked yourself, how do I PLAY as a cat?

Well, friends, the answer is on the horizon.

Pugmire’s developer, Eddy Webb, and the crew over at Onyx Path have just gone live on the Kickstarter for Monarchies of Mau!

What is Monarchies of Mau? It’s an RPG all about playing uplifted cats. It’s set in the same world as Pugmire, and explores the lives and secrets of the cats of that bizarre slice of the cosmos. Not only that, but the game will be fully compatible with Pugmire, so cats and dogs CAN live together. MASS HYSTERIA!

The game looks GREAT so far. Pugmire is on its way to the printers right now, and its Kickstarter backers have already received their final version PDFs. They are slick, colourful, well laid out, and very easy to use. The folks at Onyx Path deliver.

The early Monarchies of Mau art looks phenomenal, and Eddy has posted bits and pieces of the fiction for it. No spoilers, but one of them literally involves the first critical snoot boop to ever appear as canon in a tabletop roleplaying game. This game promises an action packed fantasy world of bipedal cats involved in political drama, crazy necromancy plots, and a ton of literal cat-fu.

Heck, if they put out an early access copy, like they did with Pugmire, you’ll likely hear us run a Monarchies of Mau game before the year is out!

“But Derek!” you cry, “How can I get a piece of this action?”

That, friends, is easy: Just head on over to the Kickstarter page ( and pledge! I cannot stress enough just how phenomenal Pugmire is. Eddy Webb is a veteran of the RPG industry, and has serious writing chops. His products are imaginative, fresh, and elegant. Onyx Path has run numerous very successful Kickstarters in the past, and they are AMAZING at keeping their backers up to date on the progress of every project.

Let me just speak for a moment about why it’s worth backing these projects on Kickstarter:
1) Cost. No seriously. There is a very good chance that, at day’s end, with all the add ons you receive and the retail markup, you can save money by pledging to an RPG’s Kickstarter, even if it’s just for the PDF.
2) Availability. Not all gaming stores are going to stock all products. If you want to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you get that hot new game, nothing beats Kickstarter sending it right to your door BEFORE the stores even get a chance to order it in.
3) Support. These platforms are an amazing way to support indie RPG companies, who are producing some of the most inventive and novel games on the market. It puts money directly into their pocket, helps them ensure they get great writers and artists, and also helps chart a course for future success. If they know their fanbase will back them up, they are more likely to take chances on innovative games in the future.

So head on over and check out the Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter. Tell them the Terrible Warriors sent you!