Valemount: The Lillenburg Murders - Part 3

The Parliamentary Republic of Valemount. A mountaintop kingdom besieged by corrupted spirits, monstrous Fae, and many different kinds of dragons. A dark world where industrialization is stratifying society at an alarming rate, and where a progressive empire founded on its mastery of the skies is slowly killing its own spirit while demonizing the very people trying to save it.

Beaumond Dietrich and Jacobi von Strauss, freelance monster hunters chased by demons of their own, both literal and emotional will take up the weapons of monster hunters.

A whole new setting created on the spot by our players, from the tech level, the customs, and right down to the monsters. Discover Valemount and try to solve The Lillenburg Murders!

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Terrible Warriors: Derek Burrow, Will Mitchell, Wes Gunn