The Post-Season Debrief: Apocalypse World Aftermath

This post-season debrief consists of several one on one conversations between Justin Ecock and the other members of the Apocalypse World game that played at Terrible Warriors Live at ConBravo in Hamilton, Ontario on July 29th 2017. We talk about the game, the year, and the future of the Terrible Warriors.

New episodes return in September 2017 for the start of our Fifth Year!

In the Apocalypse World there is a rumour of a place, or an item, or a source where all this began. The story changes person to person but the name is always the same. THE HAMMER. Somewhere out there is a place where all the water is clean and you're always safe, The Hammer. Or it's a weapon of untold power and potential. Or it's a vault that holds the source of the whatever it is that ended our world and left behind a maelstrom of psychic fuckery.

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Terrible Warriors: Bre Poisonne, Cassie Chui, Conal MacBeth, Derek Burrow, Justin Ecock, Shane Fitzgerald, Steve Saylor, and Tom White

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2016 Fireside Chat Special - Hour 2 (of 2)


It's the end of the year and we gathered the Terrible Warriors to reflect on the best and worst games we played in 2016 and plans for the year yet to be. Thank you for your support in our most successful year ever and we'll be back to the games in 2017. For now? It's a fireside chat! Hour 1 was released last Thursday. Happy Holidays!

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Terrible Warriors:
Justin Ecock, Mike Dodd, Wes Gunn, Orie Falconer, and Cassie Chui

Video Game Expendables - Part 4 - Conclusion

Post-game wrap-up! Birdman, Steve, Laura and Laidman sit down with Big Mike the GM and talk about the first adventure in These Warriors Are Terrible. Listen in as the group talk about the true identity of the hero as the GM explains some of the behind the scenes moments and some of his insane game decisions. Afterwards the group discusses some of their potential upcoming adventures as well as guest adventurers to join in on future sessions.

Also, are there any settings or RPG systems you’d like the Terrible Warriors to visit? Do you have your own shameful, awesome or just plain silly RPG adventures? Tell us with a comment below or e-mail us at With your permission we’ll share these stories and play your suggested settings for upcoming games for the Terrible Warriors.

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Mike "Birdman" Dodd

Steve "Snowball" Saylor

Mike "The Fist Of Justice" Laidman

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