Terrible Warriors Holiday Special: Cards Against Humanity

Merry Christmas everybody!

On this special December 25th, we here at These Warriors Are Terrible wanted to give you something a little special in your digital stocking. So today we bring you our adventure into the now classic card game, Cards Against Humanity! Gather round your earbuds and listen as our Terrible Warriors Steve, Julian, Justin, Cassie, Bre and new player Shane sit behind the mics kicking back and relaxing and just having great fun on Christmas!

Thank you all for a wonderful year of Terrible Warriors, stay tuned in early 2014 for Season 2 of These Warriors Are Terrible!

Happy Holidays!

OH, almost forgot, here's a special little bonus audio for you, taken right from this episode.  We bring you "Storytime with Bre".  Share around if you like.  Also, be forewarned, this audio contains EXPLICIT CONTENT.