Dear Dark Journal... A Monsterhearts Drama - Episode 1 - Stealing The Gift

Most teenagers get to grow up without encountering anything scarier than gang violence, drug overdoses and chlamydia. They think that’s the worst that the world has to offer them, and they have the luxury of laughing.

You don’t have the luxury of laughing. You know the world has hideous, horrible things hiding in the shadows. You know because you’re one of them. There’s wickedness that dwells within your chest, darkness that courses through your veins.

Most teenagers will never know that things like you exist, the secret monsterhearts.

The Terrible Warriors return to 2014 with something never before attempted. Teenaged Monster Melodrama.

The world of monsterhearts is steamy and confusing and full of threads connecting all our characters. This first hour is their origin stories. Join the Master of Ceremonies, Justin Ecock, and the terrible players Julian Spillane, Bre Poisonne, Shane Baelish, Alex James, Mags and Steve Saylor as we arrive at Middleton USA and meet our desperate group of monsterhearts.

Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Julian Spillane Bre Poisonne Shane Baelish Mags Alex James