Dear Dark Journal... A Monsterhearts Drama - Episode 2 - Take Your Seats

“Life is so dark and boring.  If only anybody could understand how dark and boring my life was.  So dark and so dark and boring.  And so the door opened and she walked in…” – The Dark Journal of Christian A. Christ IV

The terrible warriors have taken on their skins and the scene is set for the drama to being.  A Vampire, hundreds of years old, who has chosen Middleton USA as her new hunting grounds.  An Infernal, his soul bound by a dark pact that demands blood.  The Werewolf, torn away from his friends as the power within him lures him towards violence.  The Chosen One, recently made aware of the darkness around her and a threat against her life.  The Fae, beautiful and dangerous and searching for a promise.  And The Mortal whom no one can understand the darkness in his soul.

It’s time for class and our characters take their seats.  Valentine’s day is just around the corner and a Dark Power is rising in the small town.  Join the Master of Ceremonies, Justin Ecock, and the Terrible Players Julian Spillane, Bre Poisonne, Shane Baelish, Alex James, Mags Storey and Steve Saylor as the tale begins in our Monsterhearts drama.

Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Julian Spillane Bre Poisonne Shane Baelish Mags Alex James