Dear Dark Journal... A Monsterhearts Drama - Episode 3 - The Darkest Self

“Valentines Day. Last night was both amazing… and horrible. On the upside I got to touch Lexi’s boob and I kicked that douche werewolf’s ass. Oh by the way werewolves and chosen ones are real? And… yea… shit is weird. Must be puberty” - The Dark Journal of Christian A. Christ IV

The Terrible Warriors return to the world of Monsterhearts and the plot begins to escalate. The vampire is holding a party and nobody is inviting the chosen one. Adam the werewolf stands on the brink and must choose between his lust and his friends while Tristan the infernal is given further instructions by his Dark Power. Perhaps it will be the mortal, Chris, who will be able to bind these monsters together. The week is almost over and our story begins on a Friday in a rundown house on the wrong side of town. Join the Master of Ceremonies, Justin Ecock, and the Terrible Players Julian Spillane, Bre Poisonne, Shane Baelish, the sleeping Alex James, Mags and Steve Saylor in the third installment of our Monsterhearts drama.

Terrible Warriors:

Justin Ecock Steve Saylor Julian Spillane Bre Poisonne Shane Baelish Mags Alex James